Siboney loved a good breeze. With its cutter rig, there was a sail combination for all wind conditions up to 40 knots. My family enjoyed Sunday sails and on Sunday, date???XX, the wind and waves were perfect for a leisurely day sail. On the North coast of Venezuela the traditional trade wind begins to blow out of the northeast in the late morning, peak at about a twenty knot maximum about 3 p.m., then begin to ebb until it drops completely in the evening, to be replaced by a land breeze.

            With snacks packed, my wife and children aboard, the boys cast off , then raised the main and yankee as I drove her out the harbor breakwater. Waves were about 3 feet, the wind at 15. To make life easy I always headed northwest on a reach, then reached back in. No stress, no strain. By 4 p.m. we had enough and headed back in.

            The club dining area at one end of the breakwater was jammed. A showman at heart, I brought Siboney in with all sails full and cranked in tight. From shore, all eyes were on Siboney. I held it tight as we neared the outer breakwater, a mere 150 feet from the dining area, when a stay popped, the mast broke in two and all went over the side.

            I doubt those people will ever witness a more spectacular show.