Bill Butler is an experienced bilingual multifaceted speaker capable of entertaining a varied gamut of audiences. Though his presentations are usually honed for the occasion, he adapts to meet last minute changes in the audience makeup. His talks run from one hour to two hours, depending on the needs of the occasion, are kept light, lively and to the point. He speaks in English or Spanish on each of the following subject matters, but can easily mix any and all.  Contact Bill for a DVD with clips in both languages.

  • Maritime: "Shipwreck and Beyond" is a slide/power point presentation that have kept his listeners rolling in the isles with his lighthearted banter. During the first hour he brings the audience aboard his 6 foot rubber raft as he and his wife struggle to stay alive deep in the Pacific Ocean throughout 66 long days and nights. In the second hour, he takes his listeners on a voyage from Cape Horn to the Golden Horn. See http://www.wbutler.com/ for more on his oceanic voyages.

  •  Religion: Bill has spoken at a variety of churches across the country recounting how he found God in the wilderness of the Pacific Ocean and the changes this encounter has made to the way he carries out his life today. He adapts his delivery based on the makeup of the congregation and the time available for delivery. One of his principal tenets is that God does his best to reach us but so many of us fail to detect the signals he sends, with several true life events tossed in.

  •   Business: 40 years experience selling heavy electrical equipment world-wide, mostly with General Electric, in Cuba, the Philippines, Venezuela and the USA, provided Bill with broad technical and management experience. Elected Commodore of the Manila Yacht Club and President of the Board of the K-12 American School in Caracas, he gained and maintained the trust of his peers wherein he lived and worked.

  • Politics: Exiled from his native Cuba in August 1960, his political essays published in the Puerto Rican press can be seen at http://www.wbutler.com/columns/index.html. A registered Miami-Dade County Florida voter without party affiliation he is convinced the US State Department has erred in the handling of affairs with Cuba for more than 100 years.

Please contact Bill Butler at wbutler@wbutler.com for further information.